I am an independent vintage instrument buyer, dealer, appraiser, and repair person, as well as a studio and live guitarist.

I have been purchasing, evaluating, appraising and reselling musical equipment including vintage guitar pedals, amplifiers, guitars, and accessories for over 15 years.

I am also considered an expert in vintage guitar pedals, and have a working consulting relationship with the finest local equipment repair shop in my local area, "Twisted Wires", as well as with several nationally known used guitar retail stores in both Oregon, Washington, and Northern California.

I offer my services to both professional collectors and amateur purchasers. Appraisal fees are based upon the time involved in each appraisal. Fees vary dependent upon the amount of reference material required as well as physical inspection (or photo inspection). Photo inspections require multiple images from all angles in good lighting. Inexpensive online appraisals are also available.

Appraisals are based upon several factors including:

  • year of instrument
  • model of instrument
  • condition of instrument
  • verifiable history/background of instrument

Customers requiring appraisals receive a certificate from Brian Elliott Music with the details and current retail value of their item(s). This will be emailed to you as a .pdf attachment.

I am located in Eugene, Oregon.

Online Appraisals

An online appraisal is also available for 24.95. Online appraisals are great for personal information and resale, but more detailed appraisals are recommended for situations requiring greatest accuracy, such as legal issues. Detailed appraisals are priced by time taken per item. Online appraisals will include information based upon photos of your gear.

To order your appraisal for 24.95, just select your type of gear and click the purchase button. Once you've completed payment, you'll be taken to a page with instructions for completing your appraisal.

Gear Type


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